MT 4 For iOS

PaxForex developers already presented MT 4 which expressed the result of detailed research directed

to the only one goal - to bring iOS best trading soft ever.


Main definition: PaxForex MT 4 for iOS details


MT 4 for iOS is an embodiment of perfect choice for all Apple adorers. The main reason to concentrate

attention on mobile devices could be explained by its popularity expansion. As the result, it is

important to provide good-quality soft to satisfy customers.



The main PaxForex goal is to be always on top of trends in the high-tech turf. This direction helped to

bring MT4 all important opportunities. Their union offers a wide range of tools to make the trading day

much easier and more effective. Every breakthrough found own place in this platform.

MetaTrader 4 impresses by offering perfect opportunities for every kind of trader: from newbie to

professional. There are 30 indicators which are important for technical analysis and that is just a small

part of full conveniences list. Other advantages which should be mentioned:

- the simplest version of the interface;

- access wherever you are;

- no payments – it’s free.

Every detail has been produced for a certain goal – to make mobile trading for iOS simple.


First steps with MT 4 for iOS


The very first step which should be done is installation. It is important to download files from the

already chosen broker because only in that case it would be possible to get an access to the inside

deals. After downloading, a user should follow the next steps:

- installation;

- agreements acceptation;

- launching.

First launching will open the window with empty fields – they should be filled with the detail

information about a user. After that, MT 4 will offer to choose the server for the connection and show

the final registration number (it is a login for access) and password.

Attention! According to the wide range of MT 4 setting variations which depend on broker’s platform

features, sometimes first steps with MetaTrader could differ.


MT 4 for iOS main advantages and opportunities


The main feature which brings exclusive opportunities is chart system. It doesn’t matter how many

pairs trader need in his work because it is possible to open all of them at the same time. By the way, it

is possible to open N amount of charts with one pair (in case if someone prefers to observe it with

different strategies). Other opportunities:

1 – It is easy to control all windows (it is possible to control their sizes and positions).

2 – There are 3 main types of charts: lines, bars, and candlesticks.

3 – There are 9 available timeframes.


4 – Wide color settings (it is possible to change details to prepare best visual support for efficient


By the way, it is always possible to add personal themes (there are many offers on the internet).

5 – Small size (just 16.7 MB).

6 – Multilanguage (includes more than 20 most common foreign languages).

7 – There are 24 analytic objects (Fibonacci, channels, and other tools).

8 – It offers push and sound notifications.

9 – Free news (for traders who prefer use them as the main profit source).

10 – Inside chat (it is possible to communicate with traders inside platform).

If we talking about technical analysis, it is necessary to mention that MT 4 for iOS offers the easiest

way to control every deal by scrolling and scale change.


So, MT 4 for iOS is an effective opportunity to concentrate trading power inside the mobile gadget.

With the help of MT 4, it is possible to stay in work wherever you are, because there are no quality

differences between the classic computer program and this offer.