MT 4 For Android


MT 4 now is available for Android owners. It is great news that PaxForex ready to offer a wide range of

opportunities for mobile trading. The decision to create MT 4 for Android was based on a fact that this

system is a choice of a huge amount of traders all over the world. 

Main MT 4 for Android definition



 With the help of MT 4 for Android, it is possible to keep the connection with market wherever you are.

It was important to keep main functions from classic stationary version to save all opportunities. As the

result, mobile version doesn’t have any differences in quality and it may offer all condition to bring

professional trading on a gadget.

 MT 4 for Android is in free access. It means that every user can download it from Google Play.

Developers explain their work by the desire to make the platform easier. The thing is that mobile

interface brings some size barriers, but in case if we talking about trading, there is no compromise – all

functions should be saved. Every detail was adapted and as the result MT 4 for Android:

- it doesn’t have any limits on ganged size;

- the platform has a small size (it means fast downloading and no pressure on gadget performance);

- developers brought smart decisions to make trading easier by the color menu (smart settings offers to

choose details which should be paid with attention).

There is one more interesting feature – this platform can be accepted by the wide range of Android

versions. It means that there are no barriers on the way of high-quality professional trading on the

basis of the mobile phone features. Since this moment every detail of mobile trading has a guarantee

of professional quality. 

Some features which everyone should know about

MetaTrader 4 Android


The platform includes integrated charts. They will be useful in classic work with technical analysis of

the financial market. At the same time, it is always possible to choose the historical part of charts,

which is available to show all deals. Their union is a powerful tool to study and plan work on the basis

of past deals analysis. There are some more features:

- It is possible to keep active deals open during other system’s part use.

- The platform offers full control over deals. There are no differences with classic computer version.

- No limits on the chosen country to work. It means that since this moment trader can travel without

any worries about his work.

- There 30 indicators. It is proved that their mix covers all needs that could appear during trading


- Mobile version offers all types of deals – no limits and difficulties. It was important to make

opportunities equal to stationary version and this experiment was very successful.

- Mobile version offers different types of notification. With their help, it is possible always stay on

trade without losing important moments.

It is possible to follow the chart in real time with candlesticks, line or bars. All configurations are

pretty simple. There are no difficulties in preparing chart’s features right for user’s preferences. The

modification includes time settings. Special decisions about interface make user forget about problems

with small screen area.


Practice: MT 4 for Android


With the help of 30 indicators and 24 tools, there are no limits on strategies. Wild-guesses about

circumcised opportunities of the mobile version are in past. Practice showed that it doesn’t matter

what kind of deal is in priority (actual or pending order) because in both cases MT 4 for Android shows

the best result.

 So, MT 4 for Android is a perfect version of mobile platform which offers to keep trading wherever you

are without any limits. The real professional opportunity to erase world’s borders.